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A home EV charger is a huge asset to a home, especially one with an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid. With these types of car becoming more and more prevalent in the coming years, an EV charger is likely to become an essential part of the household fittings, in the same way that running water and other utilities were a century before.

If you need a way to charge your electric vehicle at home, as EV charger installers in Kent, RF Edmonds are here to help.

We install EV chargers by MyEnergi and Zappi, which we have found to be among the most reliable and efficient chargers on the market today.

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About EV Chargers

What they do

EV chargers do much more than simply recharge your electric vehicle. Each one is fully integrated and is able to save you on your fuel bills by charging your vehicle when the demand on power on the National Grid is lower.

How it works

Each EV charger has its own speed, voltage, and will be calibrated to Type 1 or Type 2 vehicles (most UK and European chargers are Type 2). You can choose a faster charger, one that is solar powered, or one that is inexpensive. The choice is yours.


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Benefits Of EV Chargers

   Allows you to schedule charging around your life and off-peak energy hours

   Automatic software updates and latest features without needing to replace your charger

   Auto power balancing, stops you overloading your electrical supply, only charging when power is available

  Monitoring, keep an eye on how much energy your car uses and how much money you spend

   Smart charging, a greener and cheaper way to charge, working out the best times to charge your car based on off-peak hours and low carbon emission times.

?  A full manufacturer warranty comes with all our EV charger installations. 

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Our installation service

How it works

It begins with a contact from yourself. We shall come to your property, and assess the site where the EV charger is to be installed, and estimate the cost, enabling us to compile a quote for you. On acceptance, we shall then arrange a date for the charger to be installed, and depending on the extent of the work, have it completed and installed within a few days, ready for you to charge your vehicle. Most installations only need one working day to have the system up and running.

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If you need EV chargers, electrical work, or expert solar panel installers in Kent, you can count on RF Edmonds to get the job done. Call 07930 638320, or email enquiries@rfedmonds.co.uk.

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